Minnesota has an abundance of sports fans who love betting on their favorite teams. One of their top places to do so is FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota. Interested to learn more? Find out all you need to know in this comprehensive review.

About FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota

Founded originally as a daily fantasy sports provider in 2009. Indeed, FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota has grown and is now one of the top providers of casino games, daily fantasy sports, horse race betting, and sports betting. In 2018, it merged with Paddy Power Betfair to create the FanDuel Group. And the merger increased its membership to the current 6 million users.

In terms of sportsbook, FanDuel sportsbook dominates in provision of online sports betting countrywide. This is because of its marketing efforts, convenient deposit options, wide range of markets, and clean interface. Here, the operator has invested massively to marketing itself through affiliate sites, its homepage, and the customer service.

Besides, this Minnesota online sportsbook gets more new players through its generous bonuses including matched bet, referral bonus, cash back, boosted odds, and risk-free bet, among others. Interestingly, the sportsbook also offers the FanDuel sportsbook app available for both Android and iOS devices. Read on to get a deeper insight.

What is FanDuel Sportsbook?

FanDuel Sportsbook is a company that provides sports betting and daily fantasy sports services in the United States. Using FanDuel, you can place bets on major US sports like boxing, golf, soccer, MLB, NBA, college basketball, college football, and NFL, among others.

The betting options to place on range from parlays, money lines, props, totals bets, and same game parlays, just to mention a few. For fantasy sports lovers, the FanDuel sportsbook allows you to develop your roster of favorite athletes in a certain game. Then, you can accumulate points as they play based on their individual performance.

And if you top with points against other fantasy sports players, you win enormous amounts. Surprisingly, FanDuel in Minnesota allows you to compete in many fantasy sports including, NBA, MLB, NHL, and football.

No, FanDuel Sportsbook is not legal in Minnesota. The state has no legal provisions for sports betting currently. However, the state’s lawmakers are putting in efforts to legalize sports betting.

However, some betting operators may claim that they accept bets here. These are off-shore betting providers who have no legal rights to operate in the state. And betting on their sites means you make yourself vulnerable to losing your money and exploitation since there’s no law that protects you from them. So, avoid these sites.

How to register for FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota

Before beginning the sign-up process for FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota, you should be above 21 years of age. You need to download a geolocation plugin if you are using your desktop or enable location if you are using your Android or iOS device.

Also, you should not be a professional athlete, FanDuel worker, or a team manager because the operator does not allow such personnel to bet with it. After successfully following these simple terms and conditions, you can sign-up for the account using the steps below.

1. Visit the FanDuel official site through your browser or the sportsbook app and click the ‘Join now’ button. It is in the top-right corner of the page.
2. Choose Minnesota on the list of states that the sportsbook currently operates in.
3. Enter your email, choose a password and a username. Then click ‘Create account’. If you have any FanDuel promo code in Minnesota or a referral username, you can enter it in the promo and referral username section.
4. Fill in your personal details; date of birth, social security number, email, phone number, address, and full names, then click ‘submit’.
5. Go back to the login section and fill in the login details. Hit the login button.
6. Allow it to confirm your location, then you can deposit money and place your favorite bet.

Where to find the latest FanDuel Sportsbook Promotions in Minnesota

Knowing a betting site’s ongoing promotions is a challenge. So, many sportsbooks use a variety of platforms to inform both its customers and potential customers of the available promotions at a time.

FanDuel promotions in Minnesota are among the ones whose presence is felt by a fairly large group. You will find the Minnesota sports promo codes on several platforms or on this website. Let’s take a deeper dive into how you can use these available ways to find the latest promotions.

  • On the FanDuel website homepage: Every time there are ongoing FanDuel promotions in Minnesota, you will get the promo details on the site’s home page. Here, the sportsbook provides a link that leads you to claim the promotion without even using any Minnesota sports promo code.
  • In this review: In this review you’ll always find the latest FanDuel promos and betting promo codes at your disposal. We update the website daily to make sure you are getting the latest bonuses available.
    Speak to customer service: This is the most convenient way to know if there is any ongoing promotion on the sportsbook. All you do is contact the FanDuel sportsbook customer service and ask if they have a promotion.

Types of bonuses available on FanDuel Sportsbook in MN

Like other best betting sites, FanDuel does not just end their sports betting bonuses after you sign up an account with them. Instead, you get bonuses to take advantage of as a regular player. So, the betting site caters for both regular and newcomers by providing different bonuses.

Although they are average, the bonuses are tied to reasonable bonus terms and conditions and just a 1x rollover requirement. Have a close look at each of the bonuses below to get more details.

  • Refer a friend bonus: If you have an account with FanDuel Sportsbook, you can send an invitation link to friends. And if they join via the link, both of you will earn referral bonuses. All they do is click the referral link and sign-up for an account with the betting site. But, they must follow the terms and conditions tied to the bonus. For instance, they should deposit at least the minimum amount possible for both the sportsbook and casino. Then, they should wager the amount the required times within 28 days after registration.
  • Matched bet bonus: A matched bet is a kind of bonus whereby, when you place your first bet, FanDuel matches it with a bonus amount. This bonus is a percentage of the wagered amount. Then, if your first bet loses, the operator allows you to bet with the bonus. But, if you win, the one time bonus is forfeited.
  • Cashback bonus: Cashback is a percentage return that the sportsbook gives you after you lose a bet, especially a parlay bet. For instance, the operator may give you a certain amount of NBA bet cashback when you hit 3 out of 4 legs of a parlay bet on 4 or more legs. But each of these must have lower than -200 odds. So, you won’t easily know if your bet is eligible unless you lose with the margin accepted for the bonus.
  • Boosted odds bonus: As surprising as it is, the operator provides odds boosts for both new and regular customers. So, even without FanDuel promo code in Minnesota, regular players will often receive boosted odds for any sport. For instance, Tim Tszyu winning by knockout against Terrell Gausha may be boosted from +105 to +130. And new players receive the bonus on their sign-up.
  • No risk bet bonus: As the most basic form, risk-free bonus gives you a refund of your lost bet in the form of credits, free bet, or bonus cash. Interestingly, the bonus applies to both regular and newcomers, unlike the matched bonus. For instance, you can enjoy placing on the same game parlay with 3 or more legs every week of the NFL season. And if your bet loses, the sportsbook refunds you in form of the site credit. Mark you, there’s no need for any FanDuel promo code in Minnesota for the bonus.

Types of bets available on FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota

One of the reasons FanDuel Sportsbook is so popular is the high number of bet types available on the platform. Check out a few of them below:

  • Money lines: As the most straightforward bet, money lines allow you to predict the sporting event winner. For instance, the Minnesota Timberwolves may be -190 to beat San Antonio Spurs while the Spurs are +160 to win. So, if you think Timberwolves will win the game, you will place $190 to potentially win $100. In contrast, if you think the San Antonio Spurs will win the game, you will place $100 to potentially win $160.
  • Parlay bets: With the rule that all the selections must win, a parlay bet allows you to combine 2 or more selections into one larger bet. For instance, you can bet on the Timberwolves vs Spurs and Broncos vs Lions, all in the same bet. So, all the bets must win for you to get a payout. What makes the best type interesting is the fact that the sportsbook multiplies the bets you select with each other which increases the win potentials.
  • Point spread: Point spread is a bet that allows you to predict the team’s margin of defeat or victory. The favorite choice has a minus sign and choosing it means you believe it will win by the attached point difference. But if you choose the underdog with the plus sign, you predict they will win, draw, or lose by a margin less than the shown number.
  • Prop Bets: By definition, prop bets are those not tied to the last result of the game. For instance, who will score the first touchdown, total passing yards by a player, and number of corners for a soccer match. So, you can get a lump sum of the NFL prop bets on Wednesday and Thursday before the Sunday games. However, most of these bets are contingent upon player participation reports and injuries. But since the sportsbook is among the strongest providers of prop bets markets, it will post them early.
  • Same game parlays: Having the chance to develop huge odds in one sporting event is every bettor’s dream, especially for favorite sports. Luckily, FanDuel in Minnesota allows for that through this type of bet. On a single bet, you can browse through an event and predict its total scores, player and team props, point spreads, and moneylines, among others. For instance, you can place on team A to win and over, Players X,Y,and Z to score a touchdown in the same game. So, this may be defined as different parlay options in the same easy-to-predict game.
  • Totals: Famously known as Over/Under bets, a total bet is a prediction of the total scores of the two teams combined. So, choosing the over option means that you are predicting the game to have more scores than the number shown. Otherwise, the under bet means they must be less than the displayed number.

Sports to bet on FanDuel sportsbook in Minnesota

On FunDuel sportsbook’s ‘Popular’ section in the top-left corner of the home page are the favorite sports. Here, you will find soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. But the catalog changes yearly. Also, the ‘A-Z’ section has all the games available on the sportsbook. Below is the list of all the sports you can wager on.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby league, Union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis

Pros and cons of FanDuel Sportsbook in MN

Just like any other Minnesota sportsbook, FanDuel has hits and misses. But, there’s no end in improving a betting site and its services. Luckily, the operator is among the leading in the state and has the resources and skills to update its app, web-based site, bonuses, and promotions regularly. Let’s look at some commendable areas and the parts that the betting operator should improve.


  • User-friendly interface: Navigating through the sportsbook app or web-based site is very easy. Whether you are a newbie or a regular customer, it is easy to locate every aspect of the operator from its navigation buttons.
  • Convenient and safe payment methods: Payment methods here include the trusted credit cards, e-wallets, ACH, and FanDuel prepaid cards. Each of these is safe and transactions with them are super-fast.
  • Promos for both new and regular customers: With or without FanDuel promo code in Minnesota, you will get bonuses in form of risk-free bets, boosted odds, cashback, and matched bet bonuses whether you are new or a regular customer.
  • Live bet: Being able to bet on a match as it unfolds is more exciting than the pre-match betting. Luckily, with the operator, you get the chance to bet on several live events and on various types of bets.
  • Robust offerings on bet types and markets: The sportsbook’s market covers over 16 sports, ranging from the top American sports, collegiate sports, international games, and many more. And on these games, you can place on all bet types; moneylines, point spreads, parlay bets, prop bets, totals bets, futures, and handicap bets.
  • Smooth mobile apps: The sportsbook has the amazing FanDuel sportsbook app available for both Android and iOS devices. With the app, you have a great convenience of placing your bets on the go and accessing features like you’d have done with the desktop website.
  • Offers the cashout feature: With this sportsbook, you can settle bets and collect wins even before the end of a sporting event. Thus, helps you to reduce risks and increase wins.


  • Geolocation technical hitches: The Geolocation software that you must install on your desktop while registering for FanDuel sportsbook in Minnesota is subject to technical issues.
  • Average lines and odds: FanDuel gives average odds snd lines unlike its competitors like DraftKings in Minnesota.

FanDuel betting app review

Built by the same developers who created the FanDuel DFS app, the sportsbook app has an intuitive navigation structure. With this kind of design, you can easily maneuver through the site’s sticky menu and access all the features just like you’d have done with its website.

The home page has the popular, live, and upcoming sports sections arranged from the top. The bottom section has the A to Z game sections with all sports you can bet on and other navigation buttons, like the betslip. Let’s get more comprehensive details of the app, how to download, and reviews from those who have used it.

With the major goal of making the sportsbook easily accessible, FanDuel sports betting app in Minnesota allows you to bet on the go. Once you sign up for an account with the betting site, you can log in to your account and allow the app to save the credentials for your next login.

So, you will not have to log in again on your next visit. Also, the app saves your game and market preferences so that you can always access them faster.

The compatibility requirements to install the app and get this exciting experience are very few. For instance, Android users only need a space of 79.1 or more and an Android device running on Android 7.0 or later. And for iOS users, they need an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 8.1 or later.

Surprisingly, you also do not have to deal with the many hurdles of downloading and installing the app from the sportsbook site because it’s available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. So, how can you download the app from these two app stores?

How to download FanDuel app Minnesota

For Android devices:

1. Locate the Google Play Store app and click on it. Wait for it to launch the home page.
2. Click on the search bar at the top of the page and type ‘FanDuel sportsbook’. The app will search and sort the search results for you.
3. Tap on the ‘FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino’ and click ‘Install’. The downloading and installation process will begin and proceed to the end. Click open.
4. You can then log in or register an account if you don’t have one.

For iOS devices:

1. From your device’s home screen, click the App Store app. If it’s not available on Home Screen, swipe left to get access to the device’s app gallery.
2. Tap the Search tab in the bottom-right corner and type FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino’. Confirm the search and wait for the search results to load.
3. Click ‘Get’ next to the sportsbook’s official app.
4. Confirm the download through your touch or face ID. The downloading process will start, then installation will proceed automatically.
5. You can then click ‘Open’ to launch the app then log in or register an account.

FanDuel app reviews

IOS version of the app has received several positive reviews on functionality from users in the Apple Store. For instance, its capability to take you back to the exact point you were after a technical or network problem has praises. But, a certain review in particular raises complaints over the app’s notification system.

It mentions that the notification system sometimes fails and its alternative; FanDuel Scout, also fails. Apart from that, the iOS app is doing very well and has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.

For the Android app, many reviews are also positive. For instance, the ease of verifying user accounts after registration has been praised for not requiring any customer service help.

Withdrawal of funds through the app is also quick and easy, unlike other sportsbooks like DraftKings as reviews mention. But some have raised issues about the app hanging while they try to open it especially after an update.

Does FanDuel Sportsbook have a retail location in Minnesota?

No, FanDuel does not have a retail location in Minnesota. It is yet to open its retail locations since it’s still new in the area. Currently, it has retail locations in Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. So, with such massive locations covered, Minnesota bettors could soon see the establishment of the sportsbook’s retail locations.

FanDuel Sportsbook payment methods in Minnesota

Payment methods for an online gambling site in Minnesota define whether your experience there will be stressful or stress-free. For FanDuel in Minnesota, the deposit and withdrawal options positively exceed many expectations. Almost every convenient payment method you might think of is available with the sportsbook.

What’s more, FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota does not put any charges for both deposits and withdrawals, unlike many sportsbooks. Interestingly, Below are deposit and withdrawal choices.

Deposit methods

FunDuel sportsbook in Minnesota allows you to fund your account via the online website or through its app. Here, whether you want to take advantage of a credit card’s convenience or anonymity that comes with e-Wallets, the operator caters for you. Thus, you can make your deposits using:

  • ACH e-Check bank transfer: Allowing you to make quick transactions from your checking account, ACH is the fastest direct transfer option.
  • Credit cards: The two most reputable Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted.
  • Debit cards: FanDuel Sportsbook accepts Mastercard and Visa card affiliates.
  • FanDuel prepaid card: With the FanDuel prepaid card you can fund it using either ACH transfer or credit cards. It is accepted as a credit card in any place that accepts Discover cards and can make ATM withdrawals.
  • Money order/check: FanDuel Sportsbook accepts money orders, personal checks, and cashier checks, especially for those with less access to online banking.
  • PayNearMe: With this option, you only have to visit any nearby PayNearMe location with cash. Then, using the scannable PayNearMe code in your FanDuel account, scan the code to complete the transaction.
    PayPal, Venmo, Play+, Neteller: These are e-wallets which require you to first deposit money into them before choosing to use them at the cashier section.
  • Wire Transfer: With such names as money orders or traditional wire transfer, it enables direct transactions between your bank and the FanDuel sportsbook in Minnesota.

Withdrawal methods

After a win, whether big or small, you may wish to get the money in your bank account or in cash as soon as possible, and FanDuel Sportsbook allows for that. With it, you can make withdrawal requests and get the amount as soon as 24 hours thanks to the fast withdrawal options it offers.

The minimum you can withdraw is just $1 and the maximum you can withdraw with PayPal is a whooping $60,000. Online banking allows withdrawals up to $100,000 and checks do not have any limit.

Payouts also vary with the withdrawal method you choose. So, with PayPal, you can receive your money within just 48 hours. For online banking, you will wait for 2-4 days and a mailed check can be anywhere between 7-10 business days. Mark you, the withdrawal options all have no transactional charges except the $15 wire transfer fees. Below is a list of these available options.

  • E-check
  • Mailed Check
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Wire Transfer
  • Visa debit


Can I use FanDuel Sportsbook to bet on tennis in Minnesota?

Yes, you can bet on tennis in FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota. The betting platform offers tennis betting on major tennis games around the globe. Whether they are single matches, championships, or international tournaments, you will find their betting lines. Interestingly, there are even tennis parlay bets that enable bettors to get huge potential wins.

What age do I need to be to play in FanDuel Sportsbook in MN?

21 years old is how old you need to be to play on FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota. This is the minimum age you must attain to register for an account and bet with FanDuel in Minnesota. So, during your registration, you must confirm that you are above this age. Well, documented on the site's terms and conditions sections, your account won't be verified if you are below the age.

Does FanDuel Sportsbook in Minnesota have a minimum deposit amount?

Yes, the minimum deposit you can make to your FanDuel account is just $10. This is slightly higher than the $5 minimum deposit for BetMGM, PointsBet, and DraftKings. But, it is still lower than the $20 minimum deposit by Caesers sportsbook. Thus, betting with FanDuel in Minnesota means you can place your bets with as little as just $10.