There are many online betting operators for punters to choose from, but it can get overwhelming to find the best sportsbooks in Minnesota. That’s why we’ve put together this article for you. We’ll help you answer the question: Can I legally bet on sportsbooks in Minnesota? We’ll also cover the best sportsbooks in the state as well as how to find the best promotions and bonuses from online betting sites.

Best online sportsbooks in Minnesota

FanDuel Sportsbook Minnesota Best sportsbook for mobile sports betting
DraftKings Sportsbook Minnesota Best sportsbook for novices
PointsBet Sportsbook Minnesota Best sportsbook for in-game betting
BetRivers Sportsbook Minnesota Best sportsbook for promos and bonuses

There is a good range of online sportsbooks to choose from in Minnesota. For those looking for a trustworthy and reliable Minnesota sportsbook that operates legally in the state, we’ve put together the best ones.

Below, we’ve listed the top four sportsbooks for both new bettors and experienced punters in Minnesota. Through these online betting sites, you’ll have access to American sports markets as well as international markets in a number of sporting disciplines. These sites are a great place to start if you want to get started on online sports betting in Minnesota.

BetRivers Sportsbook Minnesota

For an action-packed online betting experience in Minnesota, choose BetRivers Sportsbook. The sportsbook focuses on giving their account holders a lot of exciting bonuses, promotions and favorable odds. There’s always a reason to come back and continue betting with BetRivers.

Other than the promos and other benefits, you can also enjoy live betting and a great sports betting app. The combination of live, in-play bets and a well designed mobile app means punters always have a finger on sporting action as it happens. You can quickly place your live play bets without worrying about a lagging website.

Sports fans can also enjoy live streaming of big sporting events. The online sportsbook does a very good job of keeping punters on their toes.

FanDuel Sportsbook Minnesota

Sports fans in Minnesota can enjoy betting on their favorite teams at FanDuel. The sleek and clean website gives a calming sense in the midst of the many sporting markets available on the site. All the major sporting leagues in America, including the NBA, NHL, NFL and college games are all available, along with some of the most favorable odds on the market.

As an experienced sportsbook, a mobile app is also available for download on Android and iOS. Since they also have a casino, the app gives you access to both the sportsbook and the casino. An attractive risk-free bonus is available for new sign ups on the website or mobile app.

PointsBet Sportsbook Minnesota

From 24/7 customer support to an exciting welcome offer, there is a lot to love about the PountsBet sportsbook in Minnesota. The mobile app is said to be double the speed of its competitors in terms of performance. This means that punters can quickly find what they are looking for and place bets with almost no waiting time as pages load.

Still talking about speed, there are also opportunities to boost odds with the PointsBets quick parlay builder.

DraftKings Sportsbook Minnesota

Get closer to the games you love when you place bets with DraftKings. The safe, secure, and fast platform has been designed to give punters everything they need to deposit and make informed bets. All the most popular sports, including football, basketball, and hockey are all available in the sportsbook.

The betting options go beyond the many sports to choose from. There are also many betting types available. These include live in-play bets which can be made in the middle of a match, as well as cross-sport parlays for varied betting options. Other bet types include futures, spread betting, and round-robin bets.

Online sportsbooks are not legal in Minnesota at this moment. The legislation around Minnesota online sports betting has been worked on for many years. Punters in the state have been very patient in waiting for the laws of the state to finally allow them to place bets on their favorite sports in a safe and legal way.

While Minnesota punters have been able to bet with offshore sportsbooks, this has too many downsides to be worth it. There’s a possibility of getting scanned, and it’s almost impossible to withdraw your winnings from them
It’s much better for punters to stick with a sportsbook in Minnesota. Since the state has always had a vibrant range of gambling options. The addition of sports betting only makes the gaming scene a lot more exciting.

How to sign up for an online sportsbook in MN

Registering with an online sportsbook is generally easy and quick. There are several steps you’d need to get through, but it’ll be worth it in the end. A good and legit sportsbook will ask you for your basic information before they can create an account for you and allow you to make a deposit.

No decent sportsbook is going to not verify your identity or request that you prove to be in the state of Minnesota before you can start betting with them. This is because these are legal requirements that no one can escape. Let’s go through the step-by-step process of signing up with a Minnesota sportsbook below.

1. Find a legit MN online sportsbook.

To get started, have a look at our reviews of the best sportsbooks in Minnesota on this page. Click on a sportsbook that sounds like it’d meet your needs and start the sign-up process.

2. Sign up by following the instructions.

Signing up to a sportsbook in Minnesota is quite quick and easy. It’s to the benefit of the sportsbook to make this as simple as possible for potential registrations because if the experience is confusing, frustrating and slow, they may give up and go to another online sports betting site.

To register, you’ll be required to fill out a form with your name, email address and other contact details. You’ll also be required to prove your age to ensure that you’re of legal age to participate in online gambling in Minnesota. A know your customer (KYC) process will also need to be completed. Through this process, you’ll need to provide a copy of your government-issued ID and proof of residence in the form of a utility bill, for example.

3. Take advantage of any sign up bonuses on offer.

Either during the sign up process or just before you make your first deposit, you may be asked if you have a promo code. If you do, enter it to get access to any welcome bonuses the sportsbook may have. This bonus could be a free bet, a no deposit bonus or a risk free bet.

Sometimes, the sportsbook may automatically give you your welcome bonus without the need to add a promo code. This is usually visible after you complete registration and verify your account. You’ll find any bonuses you have access to somewhere under your account details.

4. Check out the games on offer to see if you like the sportsbook

Now that you have a new account, you can access all the games they have on offer. Have a look around to see if your favorite markets are available and the types of odds they have for upcoming matches. In addition, you’ll also get an idea of the types of bets they have for punters such as in-play bets, parlays and so one.

By familiarizing yourself with the sportsbook, you’ll be able to navigate it quickly once you’re ready to place bets. You’ll also know where and how to get assistance from the customer support team if there’s a problem.

5. Deposit

Once you’ve taken a look around and feel comfortable on the sportsbook, it’s time to deposit. Most online sports betting sites will have a very prominent “deposit” button regardless of which page you’re on. You’re most likely to find it in the top right corner of the page.

Click on the “deposit” button and check the deposit options available for you. Pick your preferred method and complete the depositing process. Usually, your new balance should be visible immediately after making the deposit. But this is usually dependent on your chosen method. For example, a debit or credit card payment will be immediate.

6. Start playing

Now that the deposit is complete, the fun can begin. With your new sports betting account, you can start getting in on the action and enjoy betting on a variety of sports.

What sports you can bet online with sportsbooks in MN?

There are hundreds of sports played around the world. Many of them have made a big enough impact to have fans willing to bet on the games. Soccer, basketball, rugby and tennis are just some of these. But when it comes to sports betting in MN, there are a few sports that really get fans very excited. We take a look at these below:

  • Football – America’s favorite is available for betting on almost all MN sportsbooks. The sport, which is originally American, has a number of professional leagues such as the NFL and the American Football League, as well as college leagues. Because of the popularity of the sport in America, it has also spread to Canada and Europe, with major, competitive leagues also being established there. There’s a European branch of the NFL as well as a Women’s Professional Football League.
  • Soccer – Arguably the most popular sport in the world, soccer has a massive following with big leagues all over the world that make millions of dollars per match. Punters in Minnesota have the chance to place bets on top leagues such as the EPL, Serie A and Bundesliga. Big, international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup are also available at the most reputable sportsbooks. There’s always a game to bet on since so many of them are happening at any time of the day.
  • Basketball – Basketball has produced some of the most popular sportspeople in the world. There is a big international following for American basketball leagues such as the NBA. Punters in Minnesota have the opportunity to place different types of bets on basketball matches, including live, in-place bets.
  • MMA – Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA has grown to become a lot more mainstream. Charismatic fighters have helped to take this sport to new levels with their cheeky humor before fights. MMA fights are a great option to bet on because they allow for interesting betting options that add to the thrill of watching the fights.
  • Tennis -In the last few years, tennis has been a very unpredictable game. Many top-seeded players have been defeated by new, young players on the international field. This has made tennis an interesting and exciting sport to bet on for Minnesota punters. If you’ve never bet on this sport before, it’d be a good idea to do a bit of research about the game and find the best odds for the matches.
  • Golf – While golf could be considered an elite sport, it is still a lot of fun to watch. Punters have the opportunity to place all kinds of bets on this sport as there are a lot of factors that go into play. From weather conditions to the player’s current form, there’s no way of predicting how a game will end. However, that’s what makes it so exciting. And placing bets on this sport is even more thrilling
  • Lacrosse – Lacrosse is going beyond being a sport played in expensive schools, it’s becoming more mainstream as people in Minnesota see how athletic the sport is. The college scene of the sport is a lot of fun to bet on as the players are young, energetic and hungry for a win. This makes the sport very competitive and great for betting on.

How to find the best promotions for online sportsbooks in MN

To find the best promotions at an sports betting app in Minnesota, you’ll need to do a bit of research. The first question you need to ask yourself is what a good promotion looks like, to begin with.

There’s no shortage of promotions, but picking out the best ones requires a discerning eye. You need to assess the benefits versus the potential losses that could come from using the promotions.

Naturally, sportsbooks want to protect themselves from bonus abusers, and so, they usually have conditions that may require you to make a number of deposits before you can cash out a bonus, for example.

But, don’t let this deter you from hunting for the best online betting promotions in Minnesota. Here’s how to get started:

  • Look on each online sportsbook website and compare – Checking each online sportsbook will require a lot of manual work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. But going from one sportsbook to the next, you’ll get an idea of good bonuses that would be worth pursuing. As you find them, take note of the promotions, but also remember to check the terms and conditions. This is an important factor in checking which bonus is better than the other.
  • Google search – Type in the words “the best sportsbook promotions in MN” to get an accurate idea of the bonuses available in the state. Chances are that, when you get your results, you’ll have links to a comparison website. These websites showcase different sportsbooks’ bonuses and give a clear overview of them on one page. This is a great time-saver if you’re looking to compare. The only disadvantages are that the promotions displayed may have expired already and that you may miss out on great promotions which are not featured on the comparison site.
  • Check our website – We work hard to bring in potential sportsbook fans and so, understand the value of a good bonus. Chances are, if you find a promotion on our site, it’ll be one of the best and will be worth pursuing. We make sure to only have the best betting bonuses and promotions available on our site at all times.

Betting tips for online sportsbooks in MN

Betting is more than just about predicting who’ll win or lose during a match. It’s a complex pass-time that requires a lot of thought and research. Going about this the right way can help you win more in the long run. While this is great advice for those new to betting, it’s also a good reminder for experienced punters as well.

Bettors sometimes get comfortable following the same routine and strategies in their betting. There’s always room for improvement and experimentation when it comes to betting. Whether you’re completely new to the betting scene in Minnesota, or are looking to upskill your betting strategies, we’ve put together these tips to help you.

1. Make use of bonuses

Most bonuses could be considered as “free money”. They give you a chance to place a bet without too much risk to your bankroll. Bonuses such as risk-free bets, free bets, cash back bonuses and no-deposit bonuses have all been designed to allow punters to make a bet while protecting their account balance.

However, most bonuses do have rules attached to them that you need to be aware of before you can take full advantage of them. Be clever about how and when you use the bonus so that it’s not wasted.

2. Read terms and conditions

This is very important for all punters when they first sign up with a sportsbook. While bonuses come with their own set of terms and conditions, the online sports betting site will also have a general set of rules for punters.

These rules can be around ensuring that an individual doesn’t have multiple accounts with them, or that punters can’t reclaim lost bets. There should also be terms and conditions around self-exclusion and restrictions to certain markets. Read and understand the terms of use in order to avoid disappointment. If something is not clear, then ask the customer support team for further clarification.

3. Make sure the online sportsbook is not offshore

It’s not advisable to bet with an offshore sportsbook. This is because they’re not regulated by the betting and online gambling laws of MN, and so they may be unscrupulous. If you’re a victim of unfair treatment by them, you may not have any way to get assistance because they’re not bound by local laws.

In addition, you may find it very difficult to withdraw any winnings from offshore sportsbooks. The laws in America make it difficult to move around money internationally as a way of fighting money laundering. So, you also need to be aware of this before signing up and betting with an offshore sportsbook.

4. Compare with other online sportsbooks in MN

You might be missing out on exciting markets or great perks if you don’t check out what other sportsbooks in MN are offering. There may be better loyalty programs or more attractive bonuses that your current sportsbook doesn’t offer. So, checking in and comparing with other online betting sites is always a good idea.

5. Check that the online sportsbook accepts your preferred payment method

There are many payment methods available for depositing and withdrawing. That being said, not all methods are available at every sportsbook. Take the time to check on the options they have and see if they’d suit you. Some may have high transaction fees that you’d want to avoid, while others may take days or even weeks for payments to be completed.

All of these factors need to be considered when you pick your sportsbook. Ease of transaction can make or break your online betting experience in Minnesota.

Payment methods for online sportsbooks in Minnesota

Speaking of payment methods, it’s crucial that you’re aware of, and understand the different payment methods involved when you use online sportsbooks. By this, we mean, how the method works, transaction fees, and speed of transaction. Below, we focus on some of the most common payment methods used on sportsbooks in Minnesota:

  • PayPal – Having been around for many years, PayPal has grown to be a trusted payment method for punters. Transactions with PayPal are quick, secure and avail funds almost immediately. This e-wallet payment option helps to protect your privacy as the betting transactions won’t appear on your normal bank statements. But, one of the biggest benefits of using a PayPal account is that there are no transaction fees, unlike other e-wallet providers.
  • Visa – Visa cards, which are usually distributed by financial institutions such as your traditional banks, are a great method if you want fast, secure and simple transaction options at a sportsbook. These cards can either be credit or debit cards. They allow you to make quick deposits, but it may get tricky if you want to make a withdrawal. Many sportsbooks don’t allow for payouts through credit cards, for example, so you may need to find an alternative withdrawal method. Just ask their customer support team if you need to double check on their available payout methods.
  • Mastercard – Similar to Visa cards, a Mastercard is used by banks to help people access their money. They also come in the form of a debit or credit card. The transaction fees on a Mastercard are determined by your financial institution. So, you’ll have to check there for more information on how much it’ll cost you. However, you may be able to earn transaction points every time you use the card and earn rewards such as cashback.
  • Venmo – Venmo is a very convenient way to get your withdrawals completed with a sportsbook. If you choose venmo, it’ll only take a few minutes to get your cash. However, not many sportsbooks have this method available for punters. If you want to use Venmo, double check that this is possible with your chosen sportsbook.
  • PaySafeCard – Get instant and secure transactions with PaySafeCard. Both withdrawals and deposits are possible with this card. However, you have to make sure that this payment method is available before you commit to a sportsbook.
  • Prepaid cards – If you want to make a deposit with an online sports betting site, then prepaid cards are a great option. They allow for privacy as your name is not on the card and the transaction won’t be visible on your bank statement. These are also a great way to manage your bankroll. Since prepaid cards only have a certain amount on them, you’re limited on how much you can bet at a time. Once the cash on the prepaid card is finished, you can no longer bet.
  • Neteller – This is another type of e-wallet that’s very popular among punters because of the privacy and convenience it provides. The transaction fees are quite high when compared to other e-wallets such as PayPal. Chances of finding Neteller as a deposit option are quite low at MN sportsbooks. In addition, there’s a limit on the amount you can transact with when you use this method, so high-rollers will have to use alternatives.


Can I bet on horse racing at online sportsbooks in MN?

Yes, you can bet on horse racing online in MN. You just need to make sure that your chosen sportsbook has this available. Some sportsbooks will have a separate section on their website for horse racing since this is such a big sport worldwide. they may also have a separate mobile app as well for horse racing. If you want to double check, ask their customer support team for assistance.

What age do I need to be to play at online sportsbooks in Minnesota?

You need to be over the age of 21 to bet online in MN. This is in accordance with the laws of the state around gambling and betting. This is why you'll be asked for proof of age when you register with a sportsbook, in accordance with your local federal and state laws. This helps to ensure that MN residents are protected from dishonest sportsbooks.

Are there any online sportsbooks available in Minnesota?

Yes, there are a number of sportsbooks in Minnesota that you can bet on sports at. The online gambling scene in the state will offer you a wide range of sportsbooks to gamble on. Some of the popular sportsbooks that you can sign up for in Minnesota include FanDuel, BetRivers, PointsBet, and DraftKings Sportsbooks.