Free bets are guaranteed to excite punters in any state in America. Minnesota residents are lucky enough to have a good selection of sportsbooks offering free bets. If you live in this state and are wondering how to claim free bets in Minnesota, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss what a free bet even is and how you can get one. In addition, we’ll give you advice on how to get the most out of it in terms of building a bankroll, practicing new betting techniques, and more.

How does a free bet work?

A free bet is a credit given to a punter in order for them to use it on a bet. They player does not need to use any funds in their account in order to make the bet. Obviously, there are rules around the use of the free bet, but these differ from one Minnesota gambling site to the next.

Generally, you may be required to only bet on a specific sport, tournament, or game. It could be seen as a way for the sportsbook to encourage more people to bet in a specific market. For example, if the sportsbook has new e-sports games that are getting very few bets, they may offer free bets in order to encourage people to try e-sports betting.

Why do sportsbooks in Minnesota offer free bets?

Minnesota sportsbooks mainly offer free bets as a way of attracting and retaining players. But, since it’s like the betting sites are just giving away free money, it’s natural to be skeptical of free bet offers. That’s why we’re here to help you get the answers you need.

Free bets for new sign-ups have been used as a marketing tool by sportsbooks for many years because they do a good job of attracting new players to their site. Punters have the opportunity to try out new betting sites without much risk in terms of cash losses. If they enjoy their first experience with the website, they’ll then come back and wager more and thus, become frequent bettors.

It’s also an opportunity to get one time depositors who’ve never come back to the site to come back again. A free bet offer could be the encouragement they need to come and continue betting with the sportsbook. Most sportsbooks will an email to these “dormant” account holders to get them back on the site.

In addition, free bets are a great gift for loyal punters. If you regularly deposit and bet on a certain sport, for example, you may be rewarded with a free bet. It encourages more loyalty and affinity with the sportsbook.

Pros and cons of free bets in MN

Free bets come with some great advantages, especially for punters. While the sportsbook may get a number of new, and loyal bettors, the punters have the opportunity to get “free money”. Very few people would pass up on such an opportunity.

However, there are also a number of disadvantages you’d need to keep in mind. By being aware of these, you’ll make an informed decision on whether the pros of a free bet outweigh the cons.

Below, we take a closer look at the upside and downside of free bets in Minnesota:

Pros of using free bets

When it comes to the benefits of free bets, it’s clear that there’s a lot in it for the punters. Other than the fact that claiming free bets is very easy, you also get access to sports and markets you may never have considered before.

Most punters prefer to stick with what they know and understand. But there are so many betting markets out there, a free bet gives you the opportunity to try them out.

In addition to the above, you have zero risk when you use a free bet. Normally, you risk losing money each time you place a bet. But when you have a free one from the sportsbook, you can enjoy wagering with peace of mind.

Then there’s the thrill of winning off of a free bet. Making money from a bet when you’ve not placed any wagers from your bankroll gives an extra level of excitement. And that’s certainly a big pro of free bets. If you enjoy the winning experience with a certain sportsbook, you’re likely to go back again, but this time, happily use your own cash to place bets.

If you’re new to online sports betting in MN, a free bet is a great way to practice and learn how to bet. From reading and understanding odds to knowing when to place live bets, a free bet can help you gain experience without losing your own money. It’ll also teach you how to handle the emotional ups and downs that come with betting before you start using your own money to make bets.

Cons of using free bets

On the other side of the free betting coin, are the downsides. Since you’re getting something for free from the sportsbook, you need to be aware of what the “catch” is. This is where the disadvantages come in.

One of the most common is that sportsbooks will probably give you free bets for certain markets. These may be small and upcoming markets, markets where they need to encourage more people to bet in, or perhaps losing markets. Losing markets can have punts whose winning probabilities are as low as 50% and under.

Then one of the biggest downsides is that you may need to make real money bets after using the risk-free bet and winning. In order for you to withdraw, the sportsbook may require you to make and settle up to 4 or 5 bets on their site.

However, it’s important to note that what may be a disadvantage for a punter is just a way for the sportsbook to protect themselves from bonus abuse. There are some bettors who hunt for free bets as a way of making money if they win on the bet. And if they can withdraw the winnings immediately, they’re unlikely to come back and actually place bets on the online sports betting site.

How to use free bets in Minnesota to your advantage

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of free bets in Minnesota, it’s time to see how best you can take advantage of them. These are quick tips that’ll help you not only enjoy your free bets but also understand how they can benefit you in the long run.

Free bets may be a one-time offer for new players, but they can be the foundation to building a good sports betting portfolio on a good sportsbook. That’s why we’ve put down the below tips to help you start your sports betting journey.

1. Withdraw after you meet wagering requirements.

When you place your free bet and you’re lucky enough to win some cash, you may not be able to immediately withdraw your winnings. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Enjoy the experience of placing additional bets on the sportsbook.

Check out the various markets they have and find which sports or games you’d want to wager on. Obviously, the odds are clearly displayed, and so, go after the winning markets to increase your chances of winning.

You may be required to place a few bets with or without a minimum deposit requirement, Either way, wait to withdraw until after you’ve met the wagering requirements of the sportsbook. It could be considered a small price to pay to get to enjoy your risk-free bet winnings.

2. Use it to build a bankroll

Your risk-free winnings could also be used to build a bankroll. This means you can use your winnings to fund your bets on the sportsbook. So instead of adding more funds, you can use the credit in your account. Build a solid bankroll that’ll give you more money to bet and so, give you higher chances of winning more.

This is a great idea if you also need to place a deposit before you can make a withdrawal because of the sportsbook’s rules of the bonus. Add the free bet winnings to your bankroll amount and enjoy more betting opportunities.

3. Withdraw winnings from the free bet and use it to receive another free bet on a different online sportsbook

Again, this is a great plan if you want to get the most out of free bets in general. There are no rules against using winnings from one free bet to get access to another sportsbook’s bonuses. All you have to do is sign up to a sportsbook and get the free bet added to your account. Place your bet, and if you’re lucky enough to win, you’ll get the winnings added to your account.

However, you may need to make a few deposits before you can withdraw. In order to make a “profit” from the free bet win, make sure your deposits don’t exceed the winnings. It’s at this point that you can withdraw your free bet wins, and use that cash to get access to another free bet or other type of welcome bonus at a different sportsbook.


Do I need to deposit to receive a free bet in Minnesota?

This depends on the sportsbook’s rules around the free bet, but you’re likely to need to deposit before you can get a free bet. This is to ensure that people don’t abuse the free bets and only focus on withdrawing wins without ever coming back again to deposit.

Does a free bet come with a catch in Minnesota?

Yes, free bets in MN usually do come with a catch. There are always going to be terms and conditions for access to free bet in MN and anywhere else in America. The terms and conditions explain if you can only use the free bet in certain markets or on specific tournaments, for example.

Where can I read the wagering requirements for my free bet in MN?

Each sportsbook in MN will have a terms and conditions section where you can read the free bet’s wagering requirements. Make sure to pay attention to these rules in order for you to fully enjoy the free bet.