Punters in Minnesota have the chance to enjoy transacting with Play+, also known as PlayPlus. This innovative payment method is quick, secure and easy to use. Bettors use Play+ through debit cards and e-wallets from the provider. It’s up to the bettor to decide how best to use their Play+ account.

What is Play+?

Play+ is a way to pay for transactions on betting sites without the need for cash. Some people’s banks may block transactions on gambling or betting sites, and so, a Play+ account is a great workaround. Play+ can also be used for other online purchases as well as in stores and for ATM withdrawals. Basically, it works like a normal bank card, but without the hassles of traditional banks such as high transaction fees.

You can use your Play+ account to fund your online sportsbook in MN, and also receive any payouts through it. Simply add cash to it via your debit or credit card, then use your Play+ account like you would a normal card. The main difference is that your betting activities won’t appear on your bank statements.

Generally speaking, people who use Play+ can enjoy low to no transaction fees, quick withdrawals and convenience. These days, there are many Minnesota betting sites that accept Play+. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all the benefits of Play+ and give details on how to make payments with this transaction method.

How to deposit with Play+ on a betting site in Minnesota

To Deposit on a betting site in Minnesota with Play+ is the same as with a normal debit or credit card. The main difference is that your money is moved via Play+ before landing in your sports betting app account. It’s just as quick as a Visa or Mastercard transaction with the funds appearing immediately in your sportsbook account. The process is detailed below.

1. Log into your Minnesota betting account – Sign in and head to the deposit section of your Minnesota betting account. Finding this section is very easy as it’s one of the most prominently visible buttons regardless of which page you’re on within the sportsbook. There, you’ll see the deposit options available to you.
2. Select Play+ as your deposit method – There may be a drop-down or a number of boxes with the different deposit methods available. Make sure to select Play+ if you want to use it. Otherwise, you’ll be directed to another or default payment option.
3. Add your funds – Once you’ve selected Play+, choose to add funds, or “enroll”. At this point, you’ll have to add your credit or debit card information. These will be your normal card details which will be redirected to your sportsbook account via Play+. If you don’t want to use your card, you can also choose to use an e-check which will require a routing and account number in order to complete the transfer to Play+.
4. Add amount and complete the transaction – Choose how much you want to add to your Play+ account. It’s this amount that’ll finally make it into your online betting account. Within a few minutes, the funds will be available for betting on the sportsbook.

Once you complete this transaction, you’ll set off the process of getting a physical card from Play+. It’ll be mailed to your physical address in about 10 to 14 days. Please note that this will be a Discover card. This is independent of your just-completed deposit. The funds are immediately available for betting while the card is being processed in the meantime.

How to withdraw with Play+ from a betting site in MN

To withdraw with Play+ from a betting site in Minnesota withdrawals you need to make sure that your chosen online betting site has Play+ as a withdrawal option. You can check for this in the transactions section of your account. If you’re unsure, you can ask the sportsbook’s customer support team for clarification. Below, we break down the simple withdrawal method with Play+.

1. Go to the cashiers section – The cashiers section is visible from your account section. There, you’ll get a good view of the options available with regard to withdrawals.
2. Select Play+ – Your Play+ account should already be connected since that was your deposit method. If not, you’ll be requested to connect them. Simply follow the instructions given and your Play+ and sportsbook account will be connected within a few minutes.
3. Withdraw your funds – Choose the amount you want to withdraw from your sports betting account into your Play+ account. This should be very quick and the funds will be visible within a few seconds. It only takes a few minutes to withdraw into a Play+ account.
4. Transfer or use funds as you want – When the money hits your Play+ account, you can use it as you please. You can transfer it to your connected bank account and use the money from there. Another option is that you can keep the money in your Play+ and use the physical card to transact at stores that accept Discover or withdraw cash from an ATM in Minnesota.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Play+ on Minnesota sportsbooks

There are a lot of advantages to using Play+ for your betting needs in Minnesota. Play+ betting sites in Minnesota have worked hard to make using this payment method simple and fast.
Most sportsbooks have, of late, added this payment method to their websites because of the many pros, the biggest of which is that it makes it easier for punters to transact, especially if their banks put restrictions on online gambling and betting activities.
However, Play+ may not be best for everyone. It’s hard to believe that there could be any downsides to using Play+, but we discuss those briefly in the next section.

Pros of using Play+ for betting

  • A good alternative when your bank card is declined – When your bank blocks your attempts to make a deposit on a sports betting site, you can use Play+. There may be some issues with the bank because they may still have anti-gambling policies in force, even if betting is legal in Minnesota. Generally, this only means that the bank needs to catch up with new laws.
  • Quick and instant deposits – Though you need to use Play+ as a bridge between your bank and your sportsbook account, it only adds a few seconds to the process. Enroll and complete your first deposit on an online betting site within a few seconds and start betting soon after. It’s almost as fast as using your normal debit and credit card, the only difference is that you need to add a few seconds for the extra step using Play+. But, this only happens with the first deposit. Afterwards, the funding method is already in place
  • Fast withdrawals – Using Play+ as a payout method is one of the fastest around. When your Play+ account has been connected when you make your first deposit, you can select this as a payout method too and have your cash in hand within a few seconds.

Cons of using Play+ for betting

  • Fees can get confusing – Each sportsbook has its own withdrawals and deposits rules. This makes it difficult for punters to keep track of how much they are spending on transaction fees when they deposit or payout. While Play+ doesn’t charge any transaction fees, the sportsbook may have its own fees for punters. However, it’s important to note that Play+ has transaction fees for ATM withdrawals, and inactivity fees for the card, for example

Deposit methods similar to Play+ when sports betting


How does Play+ compare with PayPal for betting sites in MN?

Play+ is very similar to PayPal in the way it works for betting sites in MN. The two transaction options are likely to be available on any sportsbook you choose. They both basically work as e-wallets and provide a workaround when your normal bank account blocks your betting activities. PayPal, just like Play+ doesn’t charge transaction fees, which makes them both very affordable.

Do all ATMs in Minnesota allow me to withdraw sports betting winnings?

Yes, alll ATMs in Minnesota and throughout the United States allow you to withdraw your winnings as long as they are part of the PULSE and NYCE networks. This is because your Play+ account isn't directly linked to betting activities, so there’s no need or reason for your card to be blocked. This is the main reason why Play+ is so popular among bettors. You should be able to make your cash withdrawals of your winnings with no problems.

Will I need to pay fees using Play+ at online sportsbooks in MN?

No, you don’t have to pay Play+ any transaction fees when depositing or withdrawing on an online sportsbook in MN. But, you may need to pay the sportsbook’s fees. Play+ doesn’t charge online transaction fees. Only ATM cash withdrawals with a Play+ card come with a fee. Sportsbooks, on the other hand, may charge their own transaction fees for things like Play+ to bank e-check transfers, for example. The amount will differ from one betting site to another.