Today, prepaid card betting sites in Minnesota have extensively grown. A prepaid card is a card that players can use as a payment service for depositing and withdrawing funds from their betting accounts. Players can buy this card already loaded with money. This page is a complete guide to using prepaid cards on betting sites in Minnesota.

Prepaid card explained

A prepaid card is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ card, a stored-value card, or a debit card. The card is very convenient for people who do not carry cash. In addition, prepaid cards are easy to get from companies or stores and online. Prepaid cards stop working when you use all the funds added to them. However, you can still add money and continue using it.

  • Fees: Prepaid cards charge relatively high fees for activating your card, adding money, making purchases, and checking balances. Therefore, it will be good to find other options with lower costs.
  • How prepaid cards work: The Prepaid cards and debit cards are more or less the same. But, for a Prepaid card, you do not need a bank account to get a Prepaid card. These cards can be available at a company or a store. Sometimes, you can buy a card for a given value. You do not need to top up since the value you paid is the card’s balance. Therefore, the card is ready for use. Other times, you’ll have to buy a Prepaid card and fund it to use it. When your card has money, you can buy things in stores, fund a gambling account, or even withdraw cash from an ATM that accepts the card. Note that it stops working once you use all the funds available on your card. But don’t panic because you can still top up more and more to keep using it.
  • Credit history: With prepaid cards, it’s impossible to build your credit history. This can deter you from accessing credit cards, loans, or jobs. A credit history explains how you use your money.
  • Selecting a prepaid card: When selecting a prepaid card to use, you must consider various aspects. The most common factors include fees you’ll pay the card with the lowest costs. Also, since the celebrity advertising a given prepaid card is your favorite, do not be carried away. The card may have higher fees compared to other prepaid cards.

How to use a prepaid card on a betting site in Minnesota

When funding your Minnesota online sports betting account, prepaid cards work the same way as many other payment options.. The procedure is straightforward. Follow the instructions highlighted below to play in Minnesota using a prepaid card.

1. Check the betting sites that accept prepaid cards in Minnesota

Any player in Minnesota wishing to bet on sports online using prepaid cards must first know the only sportsbooks that accept the types of prepaid cards as their payment solution. If you choose a sportsbook limited to other payment methods, you’ll not use your prepaid card.

2. Sign up with your details

The next step is creating an account with the online sportsbook. Registration will require you to provide all the essential personal information and your card details. E.g., email address, phone number, account number, expiry date, and CVC code.

3. Fund your account

After the verification, you have to deposit money into your account by choosing a prepaid card as your payment option. You have to indicate the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the process.

It is important to note that payment methods that qualify for a deposit offer depend on the provider. However, Minnesota sportsbooks that accept prepaid cards can offer a prepaid card bonus only to new customers. If you have one, use it to claim a welcome bonus.

Finally, you are now eligible to start wagering. Most sportsbooks have apps. Install the app, log in, and navigate to view all the sports available together with their markets.

Pros and cons of prepaid cards

A prepaid card is very beneficial to the bettors who do not carry cash. They are easy to get, and some already have money loaded in. You can start using it immediately. Prepaid cards come with a lot of perks to the users, such as:


  • The amount of funds in the card is the maximum you can spend. This guarantees overdraft protection.
  • Prepaid cards are private and secure.
  • You can also withdraw funds from an appropriate ATM if needed.
  • Using a prepaid card is much safer than carrying cash around.
  • It is straightforward to use and reload prepaid cards.
  • Prepaid cards are alternatives to banks as they offer unbanked users an opportunity to make essential payment services.


  • Players must reload their prepaid cards to continue making actual payments.
  • Since the prepaid cards aren’t linked to any savings or checking account, it is impossible to earn interest from the funds you already have.

Types of prepaid cards for betting sites in MN

There are several types of prepaid cards. Gamblers, therefore, need to select the card that works best for them when they want to deposit on a betting app in Minnesota. Before deciding which card to use, at least find out the fees, you’ll have to pay and the card with the lowest costs.

We have discussed all the types of prepaid cards below.

Gift prepaid cards

A prepaid gift card is a physical card with set values, limits, and expiration dates. You can find them at a physical store or online. It also has some discounts.

Mainly, they’re used on specific stores, goods, or services. However, there are also prepaid cards powered by MasterCard and Visa. These cards can be used anywhere that Visa and MasterCard accept debit and credit cards.

Additionally, they are not reloadable. Note that a separate fee starts applying after 6-12 months, and the card closes once your balance in your card reaches $0.

Reloadable prepaid cards

With reloadable prepaid cards, you must link them to a bank account. When you use all the funds on your card, you must reload it either online or in-person, limiting players only to use the money loaded onto it.

Additionally, some reloadable cards also give ATM access. Remember, not all prepaid cards have the same terms. Therefore, you should consider factors like:

  • Whether the reloadable card is free, or it has fees, for instance, activation fee, reload fee, monthly service fee, or withdrawal fee from an ATM.
  • Reload options include adding money via phone, online, direct deposit, or in-person.
  • The limits per single transaction or day.
  • Checking the stores that accept reload prepaid cards.

Prepaid Visa cards

A prepaid Visa is a preloaded card with a set amount. You can use it to pay bills, withdraw cash, make purchases, or even fund your betting account. Prepaid Visa debit cards aren’t linked to a checking account like a traditional debit card. But, you can only spend the balance connected to the card.

Various issuers provide prepaid visa cards and control the money available on your card. Some sell their prepaid cards online, while others at drug and grocery stores.

Also, just like other cards, Prepaid Visa cards are generally secure.

Prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit and credit cards work the same way. However, you aren’t borrowing money; instead, you spend your own loaded money. Gamers can use Prepaid debit cards anywhere Visa or Mastercard accepts them.

Virtual prepaid cards

A virtual card is an e-card where players can transact their funds online without giving their private debit or credit details. It is the most secure payment solution since your payments aren’t linked to your bank.

Visa or MasterCard power the card, meaning that you can use them anytime. In addition, the procedure of getting this card is straightforward. You apply online, get your card, add funds and start making payments. Most players love virtual prepaid cards because they’re safe, convenient, and secure. When you start running out of balance, you can reload your card with more funds by electronic transfer from your bank account.

Voucher prepaid cards

A prepaid voucher is a card that companies offer to the employees to help them pay for food, travel, or even make payments to their betting accounts in MS. You can top up your voucher cards using cash or any other convenient payment option and use the card to make purchases or pay bills.

Best alternatives to prepaid card betting sites in MN


Can I use a prepaid travel card on a betting site in Minnesota?

Yes, you can use a prepaid travel card on a betting site in Minnesota. You can load or withdraw cash from ATMs or make payments online. The payments may include funding your online casino accounts and transacting your winnings from your betting account to the prepaid travel card. You can also use the money while travelling, and it's held safe by the issuer of the card.

Should I use a prepaid card or my VISA on betting sites in MN?

You should use a prepaid card on a betting site in Minnesota as this will save you from overspending. Although, players can use both prepaid and visa on betting sites in MN. However, Visa is a better option. Visa is generally free, very secure, and used anywhere on gambling sites that accept Visa as a payment method. In contrast, the prepaid card has higher fees when buying, loading money onto it, making purchases/paying bills, and even checking balances.

Are prepaid cards safe to use on a betting site in Minnesota?

Yes, prepaid cards are safe to use on a betting site in Minnesota. Prepaid card issuers account for the money loaded in prepaid cards. Therefore, your funds are always secure. However, the cards are prone to a security breach. With technological advancement, scammers and fraudsters design ways to steal money. Make sure you report such cases to your card issuer. The company will monitor your card to deter unauthorized access and use of your card.