Minnesota bettors want peace of mind that their funds are secure when depositing and withdrawing online. That’s where online banking betting sites in Minnesota come in. They are not just secure, they also offer other benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all the info you require for betting sites in Minnesota that accepts online banking.

A guide to using online banking betting sites in Minnesota

There are a few things players should consider to make a deposit using their online banking on betting sites in Minnesota:

1. Make sure the betting site accepts your bank

Most online banking sites in Minnesota work with the leading banks in the US. That said, players should still check if their bank is on the approved list. You can find this information in the Deposit or Withdraw section.
Some major banks that work with Minneosta sportsbooks are Chase, Bank of America, and others.

2. Sign up and make a deposit using online banking

1. Choose a betting site in MN that accepts online banking.
2. Click Register.
3. Enter your personal data.
4. Enter your sports betting promo code if you have one.
5. Connect your bank to your sportsbook account.
6. Make a deposit and choose your sports.

Best betting sites in Minnesota that accepts online banking

You can bet on your favorite sports, team, or match using one of the various sportsbooks that accepts online banking available in Minnesota.

PointsBet Minnesota

PointsBet is a licensed betting site, which operates in Minnesota and the rest of the United States. PointsBet is legit, trustworthy, and pays its customers on time.

Like other online banking netting sites in Minnesota, PointsBet has tied up with several leading banks in the US. This sportsbook also accepts payments via credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and cash cards.

The Live Betting feature keeps PointsBet ahead of its peers. Through this feature, players can wager bets on live sports, tournaments, and so on. However, the success of your live gambling experience depends on the stability and strength of your internet connection. Punters can place various kinds of bets on sports, such as football, basketball, hockey on the PointsBet platform. In fact, this bookmaker provides a vast number of betting markets on the four most popular US sports.

PointsBet has an intuitive interface, which means you can see all the most popular sports right there on the mobile screen. Navigating from one screen to another is easy, and players can easily locate the desired games and so on. Finally, players can contact the PointsBet sportsbook via Live Chat and other options.

FanDuel Minnesota

FanDuel online sportsbook is also legit and holds all the required licenses from the gambling regulators. FanDuel offers several bonuses to its new and loyal players. Bettors can also choose their favorite sports and tournaments on this betting platform.

What’s more, the FanDuel betting website also offers a diverse range of betting markets and bets to its customers. Players can also bet on various Esports using this betting platform. They also have the option to wager on the various Daily Fantasy Sports happening on FanDuel.

While FanDuel supports online banking, you can also make payments by other methods. All online transactions are safe on FanDuel because this online sportsbook uses advanced encryption technologies. If you face any problems, contact this betting site by email, phone, or Live Chat.

DraftKings Minnesota

DraftKings claims to be the largest fantasy betting platform worldwide. That said, this sportsbook doesn’t allow traditional fantasy bets.

There are hundreds of fantasy sports options available for you on DraftKings. This betting site also offers a slew of bonuses to its loyal and new players. Since DraftKings values player security, it uses SSL to secure its platform from various attacks.

DraftKings has many expensive lines for its customers. This is to be expected, because it is a legal gambling entity, and DraftKings tries to get back its expenses by offering pricier lines. With that said, the DraftKings app, though not sleek, is user-friendly and allows players to navigate easily across screens.

BetRivers Minnesota

On BetRivers, you get diverse betting markets, several bonuses, and a fair and secure gambling environment. This betting site has a user-friendly app and website that work perfectly on iOS and Android devices. If you need any help, you can contact BetRivers via Email and Live Chat.

BetRivers also works with several leading banks in Minnesota. Withdrawing and depositing funds using these banks is easy and quick. However, note that some banks in Minnesota might decline your online betting transactions.

While the BetRiver app works perfectly on most devices, there is a UX issue on this sportsbook’s website. Since players can’t hide the live news feed on the desktop, this affects the overall gambling experience.

Now coming to BetRiver’s promotions, many players have commented that its bonuses are half of what PointsBet offers. Besides, BetRivers hasn’t offered any risk-free bets or free bets since early 2020. With that said, BetRivers is constantly modifying its rewards and promotions for its players.

Players can contact BetRivers through LiveChat between 9.30 and 2.30 a.m. While this isn’t a 24/7 support, players in Minnesota can still get real time support on many sporting events. For example, gamblers can place live bets and receive instant support on European soccer, which typically starts at 9.30 a.m. At the time of writing this article, BetRivers wasn’t offering phone-based support to its customers.

Pros and cons of using online banking on betting sites in MN

Minnesota sports betting sites that allow online banking have a few pros and cons. Players should note these before making the final decision.


  • Works with most banks: All betting sites that accept online banking work with leading banks in the US.
  • Bonuses: Players get various attractive bonuses and other rewards from these betting platforms.
  • Security: Online banking betting sites are secure, legit, and have the right licenses.


  • Your bank may not be accepted: Some betting sites that accept online banking may not work with your bank.
  • Fees: You may also have to pay a small processing fee for using online banking when depositing at betting sites in Minnesota.


Do all betting sites in Minnesota accept online banking?

Most betting sites in Minnesota accept online banking, only a small number don’t. If you spot a betting site that accepts online banking, double-check if your bank is on the approved list. It's also possible that your bank disallows all online gambling transactions.

Will there be fees to use online banking on betting sites in Minnesota?

Yes, there may be fees to use online banking on betting sites in Minnesota. There are some betting sites that charge fees for using online banking on their platforms. These fees can range from 1% to 5%. Betting sites and banks can also impose limits on your transactions.

Is online banking a safe payment method for betting sites in MN?

Yes, online banking is a safe and secure payment method for betting sites in MN. The reason is that banks and betting sites use SSL and other technologies to protect their players' accounts. Betting sites that accept online banking also verify their players through elaborate KYC processes. In the same breath, we would request you to avoid using public Wi-Fi while placing bets. Rather, use your own internet connection and keep hackers at bay.