Many Minnesotans also lay bets on popular sports, such as hockey, football, fighting, and others. They also receive various betting bonuses in return. This article on betting bonuses in Minnesota is for all those new to online sports wagering. In this article, you will understand what betting bonuses are, how to claim them, and so on.

Betting bonuses explained

A betting bonus is usually free money, expressed in dollar terms, which finances your betting. Players wager their betting bonuses in Minnesota on sports, matches, and events, hoping for a desired outcome. A betting bonus could be worth $1 or $1,000.

You can unlock the value of this free money only when you follow certain terms and conditions set by the online sportsbook. Players can’t usually cash out this bonus without meeting the wagering requirements.

How to get a betting bonus in MN

In order to claim sports betting bonuses in Minnesota, there are mainly 4 different ways to make it happen. These are the most common ways in order to claim a bonus:

  • Sign up for a Minnesota online sportsbook that offers a betting bonus: There are several online bookmakers in MN that offer betting bonuses. In most cases, the registration process is easy and takes a few steps. Enter your name and other personal details to begin this process.
  • Use an affiliate link: You can also receive a betting bonus by clicking an affiliate link. Affiliate links are like referral codes. When you use such a link, the bookmaker recognizes you as someone special, and that’s how you receive a special bonus. Please note that affiliate links are time-sensitive and expire after some time. So, use them quickly.
  • Find a promo code: Bettors in Minnesota can also get betting bonuses by using a betting promo code. These are like affiliate links, but there is one significant difference. While affiliate links are URLs or lines of code, promo codes comprise a few letters, numbers, or both. You can get promo codes from the bookmaker itself or its partners
  • Receive a sign-up bonus from customer service: Players can also receive betting bonuses from their bookmaker’s customer service. This method is infrequent, though. Bookmakers sometimes reward their loyal customers with special bonuses through live chat and other customer service platforms.

Different types of betting bonuses in Minnesota

Bonuses meant for betting have distinct characteristics. These are:

  • Matched deposit bonus: A matched deposit bonus is straightforward. Your sportsbook will match your deposit with its bonus. Here are a few examples. Suppose you deposit $10 and receive a betting bonus in Minnesota worth the same amount. Alternatively, the bookmaker can give the bonus as a percentage of your deposit. This percentage could be 50%, 200%, 75%, and so on. However, both these kinds of matching bet betting bonuses come with several rules.
  • Refer a friend betting bonus: You get this bonus by referring your friend, relative, or acquaintance to your bookmaker. This is how this scheme works. Go to your My Account section, and copy the unique URL located there. Share this URL with your friend. If they open an account with your bookmaker and make a deposit, you both receive a special bonus. The crucial point here is he must make a deposit in order that you qualify for this betting bonus. Please note that not all sportsbooks in Minnesota offer this promotion to their players.
  • Boosted odds betting bonus: The best betting bonuses in Minnesota include those connected with boosted odds. These promotions are like the limited-time sale offered by department stores. However, in this case, bettors receive higher payouts when there are changes in the betting line. Here’s an example. An original line could be +200, but over time it could boost to +220 or +240. In such a case, bookmakers offer punters higher payouts should their wagers come true.
  • Cashback betting bonus: In some cases, sportsbooks refund some money to their players. However, customers must meet a few conditions to receive a cashback bonus. For instance, many online bookmakers tie this bonus to two or more bets placed in a given period.
  • No deposit betting bonus: Some Minnesota online betting platforms don’t ask for deposits while giving you bonuses. These are no deposit bonuses, but make no mistake, these come with several terms and conditions. There are other best betting bonuses from Minnesota sportsbooks. These are:
  • VIP betting bonuses: Bookmakers give these promotions to their special customers. If you have been playing on your Minnesota betting platform for a long time, you might get this reward.
  • High-roller betting bonus: A high roller betting bonus is basically ‘free money’ offered to bettors who take big risks. The principle behind this betting bonus is straightforward: Play more, earn more.
  • Risk-free betting bonus: Some bookmakers offer this risk-free bet bonuses to attract new customers to their platforms. This is how a risk-free betting bonus works. Assume you receive a $10 risk-free bonus from your bookmaker. If you win this bet, you keep all the earnings. On the other hand, on losing your wager, the bet goes back to your wallet. There is also a similiar type of bonus called free bet.
  • Reload betting bonuses: Bettors can receive this special bonus on reloading their bookmaker account regularly. A reload betting promotion can come to you weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Please note that not all sportsbooks in MN offer reload betting bonuses to their players.
  • Betting bonuses related to payment gateways: Sometimes, bookmakers pay special betting bonuses to players on making payments through specific gateways. For example, by making a PayPal deposit, you might receive a special betting bonus. Players can deposit money via credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and even Bitcoin.

Pros and cons of betting bonuses in MN

Every betting bonus has a few pros and cons. As a player, you should be aware of these advantages and disadvantages before accepting this bonus.


  • Players can bet on their favorite sports with minimum expenditure.
  • Sign-up bonuses allow players to try new games.
  • With a sign-up bonus, you can lower your chances of losing too much money.


  • Terms and conditions.
  • Most sports betting bonuses have expiry dates, so you should claim them quickly.
  • Many bookmakers in Minnesota offer only one bonus per customer or IP address.


Do I need to take a betting bonus in MN?

No, you don’t need to take a betting bonus in MN, but you should. This bonus saves your betting cost significantly. For example, a $10 bet would cost you nothing if you claimed a betting bonus. Betting bonuses also give you a significant advantage over others. Players can receive these rewards in many ways.

Can I get more than one betting bonus in MN?

Yes, you can get more than one betting bonus in Minnesota. Playing with more bonuses does give you a significant advantage over others. Many professional bettors apply for multiple betting bonuses across different platforms. This way, they maximize their earnings while lowering the chances of a big loss. If you are trying this, make sure you understand your targeted games well enough.

Do all online sportsbooks in Minnesota offer betting bonuses?

Yes, every online bookmaker in Minnesota offers betting bonuses to their players. However, conditions vary across these platforms and these must be met before a player can withdraw. This includes limits to what games you can bet on, betting a multiple of the deposit amount, and more wagering requirements.